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You Make the Difference
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Neighborhood Improvement Project

The Neighborhood Improvement Project (NIP) is a program of MCC that has provided a variety of services to Milwaukee residents since 1975. It offers housing rehabilitation, graffiti removal, a ramp program, minor home repair, affordable housing production, and a Youthbuild program. (See detailed information on each program below.)

NIP's mission is:

  1. To improve the housing conditions of low-income (especially the elderly) owner occupants currently residing in deteriorating and/or unsafe homes within targeted areas; and
  2. To provide meaningful work experience for youth from Milwaukee's central city.

Through grants provided by the City of Milwaukee's Community Block Grant Administration (CBGA), NIP provides a broad range of home repair services, from making structural and code compliant improvements, to upgrading mechanical systems, eliminating lead hazards, and providing wheelchair access for the physically challenged. NIP employs young adults from the neighborhoods in which homes are improved.

For more details on any of the following programs, please contact:

Neighborhood Improvement Project
807 S. 14th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Phone: (414) 643-7704

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Home Rehabilitation
The program is designed to correct damaged, defective, and/or unsafe conditions, not to remodel for aesthetic purposes, or to replace old, but otherwise good windows. Typical work includes roofing, gutters, siding, painting, porch repair/replacement and/or window and door repair/replacement. Rehab work is provided free to eligible homeowners. Plumbing, electrical or masonry work can be completed via a deferred non-interest loan.

In order to utilize this program, recipients must meet the following eligibility requirements:
  • Applicant must have been an owner occupant of a single family home or duplex for the last five years
  • Applicant cannot be in arrears on mortgage, taxes, or utility payments
  • The property must be covered by homeowner's insurance
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Graffiti Removal
Graffiti removal is a citywide service provided for both residential and commercial structures. The removal process may include repainting, chemical removal, pressure washing, or soda blasting. The services provided depend upon ownership and use of the building, as well as age and health of the owner.

Eligibility Requirements

  • To receive free graffiti removal services the applicant must be an elderly or disabled City of Milwaukee owner occupant of a single family home or duplex.
  • To receive free paint or chemical removal products for self-removal (do it yourself), the property must be a single family home or duplex in the City of Milwaukee
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Ramp Program
NIP's Ramp program is dedicated to increasing the freedom and quality of life of physically challenged Milwaukee residents designated as low-income under HUD guidelines. The program provides custom-designed ramps for City of Milwaukee homeowners requiring wheelchair access for themselves or their family members.

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Youthbuild (Milwaukee Builds, Fresh Start, Americorps)

Youthbuild, a Wisconsin Fresh Start Initiative, is a workforce development program that provides low-income, at-risk youth and young adults, ages 18 to 24, with comprehensive training and employment services in order to help them lead responsible lives. Participants receive academic assistance so they can earn their GEDs, as well as hands-on construction skills through the building or rehabilitation of houses.

Youthbuild is modeled after the Wisconsin Operation Fresh Start, Inc.'s (OFS) program, which offers a comprehensive approach to education, training, and employment for young adults who face barriers to self-sufficiency.

Youthbuild is currently funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service, the Department of Labor through a partnership with the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board, the City of Milwaukee Community Developement Grants Administration, HUD, and others. In kind support has been provided by the Social Development Commission (SDC) and Arrowhead High School. OFS, Madison, Wisconsin, provides technical assistance.

So far, Youthbuild has completed thirteen new construction houses and is in the process of building two more. Our completed houses are for sale to income-qualified homeowners. For further information about our houses now for sale, click here.

If you have any specific questions please call the MCC YouthBuild program (MCCYB) at (414) 643-7704 or the Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) number 711. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. This program is funded through the Department of Labor and  MCCYB is an Equal Opportunity Program.

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Affordable Housing Production

Our Affordable Housing Production program provides quality houses that are for sale to homeowners who meet income guidelines (maximum income is 80% of County Median Income, for example $56,150 for a family of four.)

We either buy older distressed houses and perform major rehabiitation and remodeling, or build new houses. For further information about our houses now for sale, click here.


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