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In the News: Residents gather to clean up Milwaukee on Earth Day

From TMJ4 News –

Milwaukee residents are looking to make their community shine a bit brighter this Earth Day.

Elizabeth Ramirez is part of the community group Muskego Way Forward which organized a three hour community cleanup Monday morning.

“It’s a good way to come together,” said Ramirez. “Everyone knows each other around here, we have great communication.”

The event brought together friends and business owners in the area like Dulce Sierra who says it’s important to keep the city clean.

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In the News: YouthBuild program tackles lack of low-income housing while giving opportunities to at-risk youth

From Spectrum News 1 – A program in Milwaukee is working to help resolve two major challenges the city faces: a shortage of affordable housing for low-income families and a lack of opportunities for at-risk young adults.

It’s called YouthBuild and is run by Milwaukee Christian Center. The program is for those ages 18–24 who have not finished high school and who may face challenges finding work due to various life experiences.

Participants in the program get hands-on experience in construction, while building new homes for low-income families.

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In the News: Milwaukee teens give South Side community garden a new life

From Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service – Over the past three summers, Milwaukee teens have revitalized a South Side community garden as part of Growing Connections, a paid summer internship and community-building program.

The community garden on South and West Becher Street, buzzed with activity as visitors and bees alike explored its flowers and plants during a harvest and garden reveal event on Sept. 30.

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In the News: Young aspiring artists in MCC’s Community Art Leaders Program unveil mural inside Kosciuszko Community Center

From WTMJ News – After four long weeks of hard work and dedication, nine Milwaukee teens can officially call themselves muralists. “It makes me feel very happy. I’m very proud of everything that we’ve accomplished,” said Elayna Thompson.

With the help of local mural artist Tia Richardson, nine aspiring artists who were accepted into the community art leaders program worked on designing a mural that best reflected the Kosciuszko Community Center.

“I led them on a guided visualization and out of there different feelings came up on what they would like to see if they saw a big painting on the wall – this is how they would want to feel – this is what they would like to see,” said Richardson.

Two of those aspiring artists included Elayna Thompson and Dana McFarlane, who, after getting feedback from neighbors on what the Kozi center means to them were able to bring those responses to life.

We see mentorship, we see teamwork and basketball players. It represents a whole community as a whole. The key opens the door to the community telling you that it’s okay, it’s okay to be yourself and it represents you unlocking who you are,” said Thompson.

“It’s like uplifting. We worked on it so long and we just wanted to see how the community takes it. And I saw a lot of smiles on their faces so It was really good,” said McFarlane.

But it’s what Richardson says her students gained along the way while creating this mural that means the most to her.

Their confidence is growing, they are speaking up more, they are talking to the public,” said Richardson. “I’m watching them grow and it’s just been a real honor to have that opportunity.”

The mural will be moved and hung in the front of the Kosciuszko Community Center for everyone to enjoy.

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In the News: Clippers & Cops Coverage

On Wednesday, May 31, 2023 Milwaukee Christian Center partnered with Clippers & Cops, a nonprofit based in Atlanta along with Gee’s Clippers, Safe and Sound, Ambrose Place MKE and The Office of Violence Prevention in effort to bridge the gap between police and their communities.

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From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Milwaukee police met with youths at a barbershop. Here’s how things turned out

From WTMJ-TV – Haircuts and hard talks: Police, community hold open forum at Gee’s Clippers

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In the News: Milwaukee food pantries awarded more than $500K in grants

From WDJT News – Milwaukee leaders are investing in Food Security Programs within our neighborhoods, using funds provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. “Food insecurity touches all parts of Milwaukee,” said Common Council President José Pérez. “And it was vital that these funds reflect that citywide need. I look forward to the impact these dollars will make as we seek to improve quality of life for our residents.”

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