In The News: As youth agencies plan for fall, they draw on lessons learned from the summer

From Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service – “Because events are held at the popular Kosciuszko Park, MCC’s Youth Program Manager Brian Stewart said limiting groups also helps reduce interactions with the public.

A challenge for all organizations is finding activities that are engaging while also socially distant.

“Initially we thought games like soccer could work, because you’re just kicking a ball around,” Stewart said. “But unless you only practice drills, you’ll inevitably have kids breathing [on] and touching each other due to the competitive nature of the game.”

“…The MCC’s Stewart said the summer forced his organization to become even more focused on its neighborhoods.

“We were very building-centric before — a lot of our summer programs were inside,” Stewart said. “Now we’re constantly looking for ways to get youth involved in their own neighborhood and build a lasting testament to their involvement in their own community.” Full coverage can be found here

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