In the News: New mural unveiled at Pulaski Pool

From Fox 6 – Ribbon cutting for a new 80’x18′ community mural at Pulaski Pool. The new artwork was created by community members, led by Community Muralist Tia Richardson through Milwaukee Christian Center’s (MCC) Community Art Leaders project.

Through the project community members engage in a process led by Richardson and youth that informs the creation of a community mural. The process asked community members to name some of the challenges they experience in Pulaski Park. Then they were asked to name some different ways/choices they or others can make to improve those challenges. Moving from left to right the mural shows the progression from the challenges (symbolically shown as clouds/pollution) to a brighter future. It includes the community effort of restoring the river which brings more biodiversity and makes it a happier, healthier place for all to enjoy. Full coverage can be found here

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