Project Wins Mayor’s Design Award

The Youth Artists United Murals led by Community Muralist Tia Richardson and young people involved in Milwaukee Christian Center youth programming received a 2021 Mayor’s Design Award! For the past five years Milwaukee Christian Center, Community Muralist Tia Richardson, and neighbors have dramatically improved one block of Forest Home Avenue on Milwaukee’s near south side. The project transformed a patch of land and strip of paint covering graffiti to a welcoming pocket park and beautiful 200’ plus stretch of murals completed in 2020. Initiated by Milwaukee Christian Center’s Muskego Way Forward initiative and area resident Tia Richardson, the project lent beauty and creativity to a high traffic space connecting neighborhoods. The initial work created Butterfly Park with landscaping, seating, and a community mural and was followed by a three-year process of engaging community members and youth in creating a 200’ plus stretch of murals leading from Butterfly Park westward. The final product is abundant and vibrant as was the five-year process that engaged 250 youth, 400 neighbors, and inspired countless passerby to join in creating more beautiful, safer spaces. Coverage of the award can be found here

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