In the News: Muskego Way Neighborhood Featured on TMJ4

From TMJ4 News – “The My Block series has covered so many neighborhoods in and around Milwaukee, but you have never seen the city’s south side like this. In this edition, we meet the people who took a risk by leaving their home countries to come to Milwaukee in search of a brighter future for them and their families.

“My favorite thing about the community is that it’s always very welcoming. It feels like home, you know,” Elizabeth Ramirez said.

She is the one who took us around the Muskego Way neighborhood to introduce us to the people and places that make her community feel like home. The Muskego Way neighborhood is bordered by Greenfield Avenue to the north, 16th Street on the east, Beecher Street to the south, and Layton Boulevard to the west.

“We have everything you could need here in our block. We have, like I said, we come to the local restaurant. You can go to the corner store. There’s a bakery here. There’s even a hair salon, you know. There’s a lot here,” Ramirez said.” Full coverage can be found here.

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